[VIDEO] Dennis Collins Travels to Michigan to Rescue a 1962 Corvette Parked Since 1970

The Chevrolet Corvette, renowned for its iconic status as a sought-after sports car in the United States and beyond, boasts a nearly 70-year history intertwined with an impressive racing legacy. In a recent episode of Dennis Collins’ Coffee Walk, the well-known barn finder embarked on a mission to rescue a 1962 Corvette that had remained motionless since 1970.

On a delightful Saturday morning, while savoring a steaming cup of coffee, I had the pleasure of watching Dennis Collins’ latest episode. The episode chronicled the captivating story of a 1962 Corvette that had been parked since 1970 and was awaiting its much-anticipated rescue.

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Corvette’s ownership is attributed to an elderly gentleman named Jim, although he was not present during Dennis’ visit. The narrative suggests that Jim, a military veteran, was the second owner of the vehicle. He and his wife enjoyed driving the Corvette until they started a family. For reasons unknown, the car was stowed away in the hopes of being restored at a later date.

Upon arriving at the scene, the black and red 1962 Corvette was discovered in a garage. With the removal of the hood, it was revealed that the car was equipped with its original numbers-matching 327/300hp motor. The engine bay retained many of its original components, and the car featured a 4-speed manual transmission.

Although the Corvette showcased signs of wear and tear, including a missing chunk of fiberglass from the right front wheel arch and a shattered passenger window with a hole in the middle, rust appeared to be a non-issue. Dennis Collins decided to take on the task of rescuing this long-forgotten gem.

The subsequent endeavor involved locating the scattered parts within the garage. As the team ventured through the premises, the wheel covers were eventually discovered tucked away in the rafters upstairs. Drawing from years of experience, Dennis offered valuable advice, stating, “It’s always easier to spend an hour or two where you bought the car looking for them in person than to chase them down and buy them, right?” Notably, the front bumpers were missing, prompting Dennis to offer a $100 reward to any children who could locate them.

With the Corvette finally liberated from its garage confines, it was time for the crew to indulge in some local cuisine, savoring the flavors of the region.

Collins’ barn find was in a desolate condition despite having an untampered engine bay, so it will need a ton of restoration work to get it back to its original form.


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