Unexpected Surprise Found in Virginia Barn: a 1968 Chevrolet Impala SS Matching-numbers Car

Back in 1968, Chevrolet boasted remarkable sales figures, with over 1 million full-size cars gracing the roads. Leading the pack was none other than the iconic Impala, accounting for an astounding 710,000 units. The revered Chevelle followed suit, securing its place in the hearts of consumers with approximately 423,000 units sold. This overwhelming demand only reaffirmed the Impala’s unwavering popularity throughout the year.

The Impala SS, designed to satiate the performance cravings of enthusiasts, allured customers seeking an exhilarating driving experience. With its exclusive offerings, such as stylish wheel covers and coveted Strato bucket seats, the SS variant became a beacon for those seeking a more exhilarating ride.

The featured Impala SS proudly boasts its originality, housing the formidable 396 (6.5-liter) engine that continues to command the road today. Impressively, the engine fires up effortlessly, running smoothly with the aid of a separate fuel source. Despite spending an extended period in storage, this powerhouse remains in operational condition, testament to the enduring engineering of Chevrolet.

Recently unearthed in a Virginia barn, this Impala SS has been diligently relocated to dry storage by its current owner. While extended periods of dormancy often leave their mark, this beauty showcases some expected metal issues. The usual culprits, such as rust, have made their presence known, particularly affecting the floors and trunk.

However, the rust appears to be surface-level, offering hope that standard patching can effectively address the situation. Nevertheless, potential buyers are advised to conduct a thorough inspection before making a purchase commitment.

With its ultimate destiny lying in full restoration, this Impala SS presents an enticing opportunity for those immersed in the automotive realm. Meeting the fundamental prerequisites, it is poised to capture the attention of restoration enthusiasts far and wide. The intact, matching-numbers engine serves as a notable selling point, especially when combined with its commendable metal condition.


While details regarding the car’s completeness remain scarce, it is worth noting that vintage Impalas often become sources of spare parts for other projects. However, given the 1968 SS’s prolonged seclusion within the confines of a barn, it stands to reason that it has remained largely untouched, evading the fate of becoming a donor vehicle.

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