Two Brothers Turn Bentley Continental GT into an Astonishing Tank with Jaw-Dropping Results

Prepare to be divided in your opinion as two brothers have undertaken a remarkable project, transforming a Bentley Continental GT into an astonishing tank that has captivated audiences. Love it or loathe it, there’s no denying the impressive nature of this creation, as evidenced by a recent video showcasing the beast reaching a speed of 81 mph.

The audacious Bentley, aptly named the ‘Ultratank,’ first caught our attention when a group of Russian enthusiasts from the YouTube channel AcademeG embarked on the ambitious mission of merging a tank with the luxurious Continental GT. These two vehicles, with their contrasting identities—one symbolizing opulence and the other military might—combine to form a captivating ride, with the creators opting to preserve the Bentley’s ultra-luxurious interior.

According to GQ, AcademeG acquired the most affordable Bentley Continental GT they could find, a vehicle burdened with a broken frame, a malfunctioning gearbox, and a W12 engine requiring turbo replacements. They then set out to replace the car’s conventional wheels with caterpillar tracks, embarking on a journey filled with physical and metaphorical obstacles.

The tracks repeatedly dislodged, causing damage to the bodywork, and the brake system proved faulty and required extensive repairs. However, their hard work paid off on a momentous Monday when the Ultratank achieved an astounding top speed of 81 mph, leading its creators to proudly proclaim it as the world’s fastest tracked vehicle, surpassing even the speedy Ripsaw Tank, which reaches approximately 60 mph.

Although the Ultratank’s top speed may not be as impressive when compared to the Continental GT’s ability to exceed 200 mph, it’s the sheer audacity of this Frankenstein-esque vehicle that truly shines. The Ultratank demonstrates its superiority on steeper gradients and rough terrains, as showcased in various videos on the YouTube channel, where it effortlessly outperforms other cars.

Despite the momentous achievement of reaching 80 miles per hour, the creators emphasize that their work is not yet complete. They aspire to push the modified vehicle closer to the top speed achievable by the unaltered Continental GT. The journey of the Ultratank continues, promising further exhilarating developments in the future.

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