This 1970 Pontiac GTO Parked For 30 Years Appears To Be Full Of Surprises

In 1970, the Pontiac GTO, particularly the coveted “Judge” trim level, continued to captivate automotive enthusiasts despite experiencing a decline in sales compared to its debut year.

While Pontiac achieved impressive sales of over 6,800 units during the GTO Judge’s first year, the numbers dipped in 1970, with fewer than 3,800 GTOs featuring the Judge package hitting the market.

Despite the decline in Judge sales, the overall GTO lineup continued to perform well, though it fell short of its main competitors, the Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 and Plymouth Road Runner. Pontiac shipped just over 40,100 GTOs for the 1970 model year, a drop from the 72,000+ units sold in 1969.

Now, a 1970 Pontiac GTO model has surfaced on Craigslist, but potential buyers should approach it with caution and possess the necessary restoration skills.

The car’s condition leaves much to be desired, both aesthetically and mechanically.

The GTO in question has been parked for over three decades, although it’s unclear whether it was stored indoors or left exposed to the elements. However, judging by the seller’s description stating that the body “requires full restoration,” it’s safe to assume that the car has seen better days.

From the provided pictures, it’s difficult to assess the extent of rust damage, but given the prolonged period of inactivity, one can expect substantial corrosion. If the car was parked outside, the floors and trunk are likely to be heavily affected, necessitating extensive repairs or even complete replacements.

On a positive note, this GTO was originally equipped with numerous desirable options. It featured power steering, power brakes, power windows, and air conditioning. While these components remain intact, it’s unlikely that they are in working order after such a long period of dormancy.

Under the hood lies a 400 cubic-inch big-block V8 engine paired with an automatic transmission. The seller hasn’t provided details about the powertrain’s condition, but it’s important to note that the car has been idle for over 30 years, which could pose challenges for the engine’s functionality. Without an in-person inspection, it’s difficult to determine if the engine can still turn over.

As a 1970 hardtop that seems to check most boxes for a restoration candidate, the GTO is parked in Milford, Massachusetts, and it obviously requires towing, given it no longer runs.

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