This 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Was Left To Die, Gets Second Chance

A 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 doesn’t sit on the serious performance end of the classic muscle car scale, but also makes for a rare bird. As such, one can easily experience multiple feelings when coming across the example we have here, which was recently given a fresh start.

The obvious joy of seeing the Chevy receiving the attention it deserves is accompanied by confusion – how does one allow such a four-wheeled gem at the mercy of the elements? After all, judging by the Camaro’s partially buried state, it’s clear that it spend quite a few years in this yard.

Note that the photos showcasing multiple angles and stages of the vehicle’s rescue come from Instagram user JB Coppedge and since the aficionado uses a private account, the images have reached us via the aptly-named junkyardclassics label – the latter explains that the machine is now in for a top-grade restoration, so not only will all the rust be addressed, but each and every aspect of the car will be brought to its former glory.

Speaking of which, the Z/28 was one of the packages offered for the first model year of the original Camaro, even though the example we have here belongs to the second model year.

Since the SCCA Trans-Am series, for which the Z/28 was built, capped engine displacement at 305 cubic inches (5 liters), this special was animated by a 302ci V8. However, while the 4.9-liter V8 was officially rated at 290 hp, the unit actually delivered 360 ponies when fitted with the single four-barrel carburetor, with the optional dual-four-barrel carbs pushing that number to 400 hp.

Further down the power line, we find a close-ration 4-speed manual with an optional LSD, beefier suspension, as well as power disc brakes. Oh and let’s not forget the dual hood and trunk stripes that are still visible on this ’68 example.

And while we’re talking about the Z/28, keep in mind that Chevrolet is rumored to bring this back for the 2021 Camaro.


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