This 1965 Chevrolet Impala: A Moisty Barn Find in Untouched Condition

The year 1965 held significant importance for General Motors, Chevrolet, and the Impala series for two distinct reasons. Firstly, it marked the introduction of a new-generation Impala, featuring a more modern look that Chevrolet implemented across its entire full-size lineup. Secondly, it became the first year since World War II in the United States where a single car sold over 1 million units in just one year. This achievement solidified the Impala’s status as a true hit, showcasing the success of Chevrolet’s ongoing efforts to refresh the model every year.

Consequently, the 1965 Impala has become a highly sought-after collectible, with affluent buyers particularly desiring all-original, unmolested cars in impeccable condition.

The example recently listed by eBay seller isoldmyz69 does not showcase the pristine condition that collectors typically crave. Instead, it presents itself as a project car, reflecting the effects of its extended stay in a moisty barn. Moist conditions can lead to metal corrosion, so it’s crucial to closely inspect the vehicle for any signs of rust.

While the car is claimed to be a barn find, the owner has not provided any specific information regarding its duration in hiding. However, the images confirm that the vehicle requires a complete restoration, along with a thorough interior cleaning, in order to accurately assess its current condition.

The positive news is that the Impala remains complete and unmolested. The original engine is still present and, according to the seller, it turns over by hand. However, they have not attempted to start it, making it impossible to determine the engine’s salvageability without an in-person inspection.

Powering this vehicle is a 283 (4.3-liter) V8 engine, which was the base engine choice for the 1965 Impala and eventually became the most common selection for that model year. While Chevrolet offered the Impala with several more powerful engine options, the 283 and the 327 provided a good balance between price and performance (excluding the SS model, where a big-block unit made more sense).

Limited information is available regarding the extent of rust on this Impala. The owner claims that the frame remains solid, but a thorough examination of the undersides and trunk is highly recommended, as these areas are typically susceptible to early rust invasion.

This Impala is being sold at an affordable price, making it unlikely to remain available for an extended period. The owner is willing to let the car go for $2,500, which is quite a bargain for a 1965 Impala that remains complete and unmolested. The listing is set to expire in approximately one week, but it’s only a matter of time until someone seizes this opportunity.

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