Someone Found a 1967 Coronet R/T in a Georgia Barn, Factory 440 Still Alive After 46 Years

If you’re a fan of vintage muscle cars, you’ll want to hear about this incredible find in a barn in Georgia. A 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T was discovered after 46 years, and it’s still equipped with its factory big-block engine. Let’s take a closer look at this rare gem.

Back in the 1960s, big-block cars were all the rage, especially for racing enthusiasts. The Coronet R/T was one of the most popular models of the time, offering a thrilling weekend on the track. With production numbers exceeding 10,000 units for the 1967 model year, the 2-door hardtop version dominated the market with over 9,500 units produced. The convertible version, however, struggled to make a name for itself, accounting for only 628 units of the total Coronet R/T production.

The 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T was equipped with a Magnum 440 engine, rated at 375 horsepower. It came with either a four-speed or TorqueFlite transmission. The vehicle we’re discussing today uses the latter and still runs today, despite sitting idle for 46 years.

The Coronet R/T was discovered in a barn in Georgia, where it’s been hiding for almost five decades. The car remains entirely original, with no modifications made to the vehicle. It still runs on the same big-block unit, but it needs gas directly in the carburetor, so it’ll require a new tank, new fluids, and everything else to return to fully working condition.

Considering the long tenure in hiding, the car’s condition is impressive. The rust has taken its toll, but based purely on the provided images, the damage isn’t critical. Most rust appears on the surface, and there’s no such damage around the front and the rear glass, which is a typical Coronet problem. All glass is good, and the complete trim is still available.

As an R/T, this Coronet came with several special parts that are highly sought-after in the restoration business. Dodge equipped the car with special tires, heavy-duty brakes, non-functional hood scoops, and rear fender air vents. The special hood is still there, but you’ll have to inspect the car in person to determine if other significant parts are missing.

The interior appears to be in good condition, which could be a sign that the car spent five decades in a proper environment. Many classic cars become nesting boxes for birds during their tenure off the road, but luckily, this Coronet avoided that fate.

Despite coming in project car condition and with occasional rust issues, this Coronet R/T can’t sell for cheap. After all, it comes with the factory big-block engine in working condition and fixable rust problems, so the $9,800 selling price makes perfect sense. The owner has also enabled the Make Offer button on eBay, and if you want to see the vehicle in person, you’ll have to travel to Denver, North Carolina.

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