Meet the Auto Shop Worker Who Spent Six Months and $6,000 Building a Road Legal Upside Down Ford Truck

An auto shop worker in Clinton, Illinois, has turned heads with his latest creation—a road-legal upside-down truck that resembles a flipped-over vehicle. Rick Sullivan, the manager of an auto shop, spent six months and $6,000 to build this unique vehicle, which has garnered attention wherever it goes.

Inspiration struck when Rick saw an overturned Ford Ranger in his workshop. Intrigued by the unusual sight of a car on its roof with wheels pointing towards the sky, he envisioned the concept of a road-going upside-down truck. With the support of his wife Kathy, he embarked on a six-month journey to bring this extraordinary vehicle to life.

To build the upside-down truck, Rick combined the parts of two separate vehicles—a 1991 Ford Ranger pickup truck and a 1995 F-150 pickup truck body. The F-150 body was placed on top of the Ranger, but upside down, creating the illusion of a red and white Ford pickup truck flipped onto its roof. Complete with spinning tires and a ‘FLIPOVR’ license plate, the finished product is a testament to Rick’s creativity and craftsmanship.

When Rick takes the upside-down truck out on the streets, it never fails to attract attention. Pedestrians stop in their tracks, and other drivers can’t help but stare at this automotive anomaly. It’s estimated that around a thousand pictures of the vehicle are taken every day it hits the road.

The process of building the truck was a labor of love for Rick. Starting with collecting parts for a Ford F-150, he meticulously sourced various components from different locations. The 1991 Ford Ranger served as the foundation, with its body removed to make way for the inverted F-150.

Rick admits that there was no blueprint to follow during the construction process. He relied on his imagination and made adjustments along the way to bring his vision to life. The end result closely matched what he had envisioned, leaving onlookers in awe and prompting them to pull him over for a closer look.

The surprise was even greater for Kathy, Rick’s wife, who had no idea he was working on such a project until he showed up at her workplace with the finished truck. People on the street couldn’t resist stopping to admire the extraordinary creation.

Rick’s passion for cars and constant drive to pursue new projects continue to fuel his creativity. With the upside-down truck becoming a sensation in the community, one can only wonder what his next automotive endeavor will be.

So, if you happen to see an upside-down truck cruising through the streets of Clinton, Illinois, remember to catch Rick on the flipside and take a closer look at this remarkable piece of automotive craftsmanship.

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