Low-Mile 1963 Pontiac Tempest Last on the Road in 1978 Is An All-Original Wonder

In 1963, the first Pontiac Tempest underwent significant changes that left a lasting impact. While the Le Mans was upgraded to a separate series, Pontiac also sought to entice enthusiasts seeking a thrilling driving experience. To achieve this, the GM brand introduced a second V8 option alongside the existing 215 (3.5-liter) engine borrowed from Buick. This new engine was a powerful 326 (5.3-liter) variant that produced an impressive 260 horsepower, positioned in contrast to the economical yet less potent Trophy 4 entry-level configuration.

Recently found on eBay, the Tempest in question is a rare gem equipped with the original Trophy 4 engine. Although its current condition remains uncertain, it is evident that the car’s four-cylinder unit is the one it was born with. The seller, rlabagto, has not disclosed whether the engine is still operational, considering that the vehicle was last driven in 1978. Given its nearly five-decade hiatus, it is highly probable that the engine may need attention. For those interested, a personal inspection of the car would be necessary to gather more information.

Remarkably, everything on this Tempest is in its original state, including the radio and even the tires. Yes, you read that right – the car still rolls on its original tires, which is quite remarkable, considering it spent only 15 years on the road since leaving the assembly lines.

The low mileage on the odometer, indicating just 40,000 miles (approximately 65,000 km), strongly suggests that this Pontiac Tempest has seen very little use. This low usage has contributed to its impressive condition. While it may not be in pristine condition, it has managed to age gracefully and remains far from becoming a rust bucket. The floors are solid, providing further evidence that the car has been stored in favorable conditions.

As the Tempest remains untouched from its original state, its potential buyer will have the unique opportunity to explore and discover all the intricate details themselves. Admittedly, a four-cylinder car may not be every collector’s dream, but for devoted Pontiac fans, reviving this Tempest to its former glory could be a rewarding endeavor.

Currently parked in Elgin, Illinois, it’s essential to note that the car comes without a title. Potential buyers should consider this factor if they intend to transport it to another state.

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