Finding One of the First Mustangs Ever Built in an Abandoned Barn

The Ford Mustang holds a legendary status in the automotive world, and a recent historic barn find has brought back one of the earliest models ever produced. To truly appreciate the significance of this find, let’s delve into some context.

The Birth of the Mustang

In March 1964, at the Dearborn plant in Michigan, the American carmaker Ford commenced production of the iconic Mustang. Just a month later, on April 14, sales officially began, accompanied by a grand announcement made three days later.

Capitalizing on the attention garnered by the New York World’s Fair, Ford proudly showcased its new pony, presenting the Mustang in two-door hardtop and convertible styles. Later that year, a fastback version was added to the lineup.

It is essential to remember the date of April 14, as it marks the day when customers were first able to order the Mustang and when this particular convertible model came into existence.

A Genuine Rarity

This 1964 1/2 convertible holds an esteemed place in history as one of the earliest Mustangs ever manufactured. Shortly after rolling off the assembly lines in Michigan, it was transported to a Ford dealership where it eagerly awaited its first owner.

Remarkably, the same owner retained possession of this Mustang until just a few months ago. For the past 15 years, it lay dormant in a garage, untouched and concealed. Although referred to as a barn find, specific details about its discovery, including the location and time, remain undisclosed.

A Glimpse of the Past

It doesn’t take an expert to recognize that the Mustang is not in pristine condition. Considering its lengthy hibernation, such an expectation would be unrealistic. However, it’s important to note that this classic vehicle is far from being a complete wreck. A cursory visual examination reveals occasional rust spots, with the floor exhibiting more severe corrosion. Prospective buyers are advised to conduct a thorough inspection before committing to a purchase.

According to the seller, the car appears to have undergone a professional respray, replacing the original paint with a factory red. It’s challenging to ascertain the quality of this respray based solely on the provided images.

The Heart of the Mustang

While the original 260 (4.2-liter) six-cylinder engine is still intact, its current condition remains uncertain. Allegedly, the powerplant functioned properly before its 15-year hiatus in the garage. However, certain components such as the oil pan and gas tank would require replacement. Nevertheless, the overall condition appears promising.

A Piece of Automotive History

The rediscovery of this early Mustang provides enthusiasts and collectors with a rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. Despite its imperfections, this convertible represents the birth of an iconic American muscle car. As potential buyers consider the unique story behind this barn find, meticulous evaluation and restoration efforts will ensure the preservation of its legacy for years to come.

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