Family-Owned 1964 Chevrolet Impala Is Literally a New Car, Unrestored and Unmolested

A new-generation Impala was already on the radar, so the 1964 model year brought only minor changes to America’s new favorite car.

Chevrolet rolled out minor changes in looks, such as aluminum trim for the taillights, while the engine lineup included almost no surprise.

The return of the 409 was probably the biggest surprise, as the big-block unit was available on the 1964 Impala in three configurations. The base unit produced 340 horsepower, while the top version generated 425 horsepower for a more thrilling experience in a SuperSport.

The 1964 Impala, published on eBay by the esteemed Knucklehead Garage/Carstore, provides the most unmolested look at the original icon. This astonishing piece of automotive history has spent its entire lifetime with the same family, a testament to the love and care it has received throughout the decades. Produced at the Janesville Assembly Plant in Wisconsin in July 1964, this Impala comes in a jaw-dropping perfect-10 condition that is nearly impossible to fully appreciate on a computer screen.

The owner of this remarkable Impala recognized the value of preserving history. This classic beauty has graced numerous car shows and secured prestigious prizes, all for one simple reason – it’s an all-original, unmolested, and like-new Impala. Unlike many vintage cars, which may undergo extensive restorations to maintain their allure, this Impala stands tall as an authentic time capsule from a bygone era, delighting enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Unlike many classic cars that merely sit as garage queens, this Impala boasts full functionality. Equipped with factory air conditioning, power steering and brakes, tinted windows, an in-dash clock, and the rare non-glare dash option, this vehicle is a living, breathing relic of automotive history. As a pristine example of its time, the Impala offers an authentic driving experience that takes you back to the heyday of American muscle.

While the owner recognized the importance of preserving the car’s originality, a partial respray was performed to address minor paint imperfections. The sellers assure prospective buyers that the paint is mostly original, a testament to the family’s commitment to maintaining the Impala’s tip-top shape while still staying true to its history.

The 1964 Chevrolet Impala stands as an automotive anomaly, appearing as a completely new car despite its age. In a time when most 1964 Impalas are plagued with rust and wear, this vehicle emerges like a phoenix from the ashes, resplendent and ready to charm the modern world.

Under the hood of this pristine Impala beats the heart of a legend – the 283 (4.3-liter) V8 engine. As the base V8 engine option for the 1964 Impala, this original powerplant still runs and drives perfectly. Although a big-block unit might have added to the car’s glory, the pristine condition of the original 283 engine commands admiration.

With just 48,000 miles (77,000 km) on the clock, this Impala is a true low-mileage gem. The pricing expectation of $58,000 is not surprising, considering the immaculate condition and unrivaled originality this vehicle offers. While the Make Offer option is live, the timeless appeal of this Impala makes it a prized possession deserving of its value.

For those eager to witness this automotive masterpiece in person, a trip to Grand Island, Nebraska, is in order. Otherwise, an immersive video experience awaits, allowing you to marvel at its stunning lines and immaculate interior. The eBay listing will be available for 17 more days, leaving you ample time to persuade your significant other that this “new” car is the perfect addition to your collection.

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