Discover the Mighty 1970 Dodge Challenger, an 8.8-Liter 711-HP Monster

The 1970 model year Dodge Challenger nameplate is one of the most beloved and important muscle cars of its era. The mighty Challenger had great performance and was a fierce opponent for any that dared to challenge it in a drag race.

The muscle car had its debut in 1969 and was based on the Plymouth Barracuda E-Body platform. It even shared common parts with the latter. However, the Challenger came equipped with a variety of engines that went from 105 horsepower (109 ps) to 375 hp (380 ps).

While back in its heyday it came with two inline-six engines and six V8s, the one we’re looking at today is a whole different kind of monster.
The biggest engine back then was capped at 440-ci (7.2 liters), but this restored version of the 1970 Challenger comes with an obscene Hemi V8 540-cubic-inch (8.8-liter) engine that can deliver up to 711 horsepower (721 ps) with 660 lb-ft (895 Nm) of torque.

The engine-building company Ray Barton Racing Engines is responsible for this mouth-watering, gas-guzzling, beast of a car.

According to the auction’s description, the car also comes with the necessary documentation from Ray Barton, like the invoice, along with the dyno sheet attesting to these performance specs.
Overall, the vehicle underwent a comprehensive nut and bolt restoration, and the new owner will have receipts from the entire build process.
Among other notable specs, we counted the A833 four-speed manual transmission, QA1 carbon fiber drive shaft, Mooser Dana 60 rear end with 4.10 gears and Eaton Truetrac differential, CalTracs traction bars, Hotchkiss leaf springs, torsion bars and single adjustable shocks, TTI exhaust with QA1 electric cut-outs, Tanks Inc. fuel tank with Aeromotive electric fuel pump, Flaming River quick ratio manual steering box, 11.75-inch front disc brakes with 11-inch drum rears, and an MSD ignition.

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