1975 Aston Martin V8: A British Touring Legend and James Bond’s Ride

Aston Martin, my personal favorite car manufacturer, holds a special place in my heart. There’s an undeniable magic surrounding the cars produced in Newport Pagnell, evoking images of epic Le Mans victories, arriving in style at the prestigious Savoy hotel in London, and, of course, the iconic association with James Bond. Aston Martins consistently meet and exceed expectations, solidifying my love for these remarkable vehicles. Throughout the years, I’ve had the privilege of owning two of these amazing cars, and no other vehicle in my possession has provided the same level of excitement every time I laid eyes on it in the garage.

What sets Aston Martins apart is not just their rich history but also the quality of materials used in their construction. From luxurious Connolly leather for the interiors to lightweight aluminum bodies and legendary engines designed by esteemed engineers like Tadek Marek and W.O. Bentley (in earlier models), every component is meticulously crafted by some of the finest artisans of their time. The end result is a collection of exceptional GT cars that rank among the best ever built.

According to the seller, this particular Aston Martin V8 is one of only 967 examples from the V8 Series 3 production run. Identified by its chassis number V811379LCA, this car is equipped with a 5.3-liter V8 engine and features the rare ZF five-speed manual transmission. It was originally sold in November 1974 at Newport Pagnell Works in Illinois to a Mr. Searle.

Finished in Cornish Gold, a light metallic gold shade with a hint of green, the car boasted a black leather interior and came fitted with 15″ alloy wheels, fog lights, air conditioning, power windows, and a Blaupunkt Seattle cassette radio. The first owner sparingly drove the car until 1981 when it was sold to its second owner, Mr. John Miller, who later relocated to Pennsylvania.

The second owner, an esteemed member of the Aston Martin Owners Club, eventually passed ownership of the car to his son in 1994. The son continued to cherish and meticulously maintain the vehicle until 2020, at which point it was sold through a dealership to its current owner. Remarkably, this Aston remained within the same family from 1981 to 2020. During this period, the car underwent a repaint, transforming its appearance to its current stunning light green metallic finish. Recent services performed on the vehicle include the installation of a new steering rack, brake fluid reservoir, ballast resistor, and power steering unit.

In 2021, the car was acquired by its third owner, who carried out a thorough refresh in 2022. The refresh involved replacing spark plugs, plug wires, fuel filter, oil temperature sending unit, and clutch slave cylinder. Additionally, new tires were fitted, seat padding was renewed, defroster vent seals and door pin switches were replaced, ball joint gaiters were installed, and the valve covers were refinished. The owner also addressed various maintenance tasks, including replacing door frame weather-stripping, numerous gaskets, and conducting dent repairs in the floorboards. The engine bay received touch-up paintwork, further enhancing the car’s overall presentation.

The key to owning an Aston Martin, or any collector car for that matter, lies in purchasing the best example within your budget and diligently maintaining it. This Aston Martin V8 not only exhibits an appealing cosmetic condition but also appears to have been cherished by its owners since new. If I had the available funds, I would not hesitate to fly to Philadelphia tomorrow to inspect the car. Following a successful pre-purchase inspection, I would eagerly embark on the journey to drive it back home to Connecticut.

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