1969 Chevrolet Nova Returns After Years in Hiding, Waiting for a Second Chance to Get Back on the Road

If you’re on the lookout for a classic 1969 Chevrolet Nova that has been hidden away for years, then this might be the car for you. This Nova presents a mix of good and bad news, but with the right restoration, it has the potential to shine once again.

To gauge its rarity, let’s examine the production figures. In 1969, Chevrolet manufactured nearly 252,000 Novas, and out of those, around 17,500 were equipped with the highly coveted SS badges. The particular Nova featured here belongs to the 2-door body style, a configuration chosen by over 182,000 units.

Under the hood, this Nova was originally fitted with a 396 V8 engine, although the owner refers to it as a 400 small-block unit. It’s worth noting that some marketing materials of the time referred to the 396 as a 400 V8. For the 1969 model year, just over 7,200 Novas were built with a similar setup. The majority of buyers, however, opted for the more affordable and less powerful 230 six-cylinder version.

According to the owner, the car has been sitting idle for many years, but specific details about its storage are not provided. The paint still appears to be in decent condition, indicating that it may have been covered or kept in a sheltered environment. However, the rust on the undersides suggests that the vehicle may have been exposed to high humidity levels.

The floors show signs of damage and will require new panels. Restoring this Nova will involve substantial metalwork, but a thorough in-person inspection will help determine the extent of the work needed and associated costs.

The V8 engine under the hood is reported to still run, albeit only with the aid of a gas can. Replacing the fuel tank may resolve the issue, although the owner has not attempted to start the engine using the original tank. This Nova retains its barn-find condition, making it an intriguing and mysterious discovery that awaits a new home.

The captivating body patina adds to its allure. While the LeMans Blue paint may require attention or a complete respray for purist Chevrolet enthusiasts, the weathered look possesses a unique charm that could be preserved in a restored model.

The bidding for this Nova has just begun, with no offers recorded as of yet. The starting bid stands at $1,000, and the eBay seller hiddntreas4u has set a reserve price that remains undisclosed.

Alternatively, interested buyers can choose the “Buy It Now” option on the auction page and secure the Nova for $3,900. Located in Maple Shade, New Jersey, the buyer will need to arrange transportation using a trailer, considering the current condition of the vehicle. However, the engine is reported to start and run correctly from a gas can, making the loading process relatively straightforward.

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