1967 Pontiac GTO Spent 40 Years Buried in a Garage, Comes Back to Life

“Some cars are just too cool to be forgotten in storage,” say many muscle car enthusiasts, and the Pontiac GTO is undoubtedly one of those iconic vehicles. However, like many classics, the GTO often becomes a barn find, waiting to be rediscovered. This particular GTO holds a touching story of resurrection and renewal.

Behold the worn-out Pontiac GTO before you, a classic that has graced the ownership of just two individuals. For over four decades, it belonged to the same owner since 1977. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control, the car found itself retired to a garage in 1982, offering its exhilarating performance for a mere five years.

The reason for the GTO’s early retirement was not due to mechanical issues or performance woes. Its owner, a disabled Vietnam War veteran, could no longer drive after a few years. As a result, the GTO sat dormant in the garage, bearing witness to the passing of time.

However, an unexpected surprise awaited the veteran owner. YouTube’s “Vice Grip Garage” launched a new program called “Vehicles for Veterans” and took on the task of reviving the GTO. Unbeknownst to its owner, the car was carefully removed from its resting place, ready to be rejuvenated and returned in all its former glory.

Remarkably, despite its four-decade slumber amidst cluttered surroundings, the GTO remains in relatively good condition. The body showcases minimal dents and lacks significant rust issues, while the interior, albeit showing signs of wear and tear on the door panels, seats, and floors, retains much of its original allure.

While a complete frame-off restoration is not on the cards, the GTO will undergo an extensive cleaning and polishing regimen, significantly enhancing its overall appearance. Before that, however, the heart of the beast, the V8 engine, must be revived.

As expected from a vehicle that has remained dormant for so long, the 400-cubic-inch (6.6-liter) V8 engine faces fuel draw issues and expels a considerable amount of rust through the exhaust pipe. Despite its struggles, the engine eventually roars to life, its burbling sound echoing through the garage.

With the engine successfully running, the GTO embarks on a short journey around the block, a testament to its resilience. Although a few repairs are necessary before it can hit the road once more, witnessing the revival of this age-old automobile after 40 years of hibernation is nothing short of awe-inspiring. This restoration holds a special significance, aiming to surprise and honor the army veteran who holds a deep connection to the car.

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