1967 Pontiac GTO Found in a Forest Hides Something Mysterious Under the Hood

Nestled in the midst of a forest, a Pontiac GTO from 1967 seeks a new lease on life. However, the ambitious restoration project depicted in the gallery photos reveals the challenging road ahead for any prospective enthusiast. The car’s current state, after years of abandonment amidst thriving vegetation, presents significant metal issues. The restoration process may necessitate extensive repairs, including the possibility of replacing entire panels.

The eBay listing by seller  fails to provide crucial details about this particular GTO, making it difficult to ascertain its restoration potential. Interested buyers have the option of personally visiting Connecticut to inspect the car, but time is of the essence as the online auction draws more participants.

Despite its prolonged exposure to the elements, the GTO still retains an engine, although it is unlikely to be in working condition. The seller claims it to be a Tri-Power unit, purportedly the original engine that accompanied the car. While an original Tri-Power engine on a project GTO would be a remarkable find, it is worth noting that the 1967 model did not come equipped with such an engine. In fact, that year marked the GTO’s transition away from the Tri-Power configuration.

In 1967, Pontiac offered various engine choices for the GTO. The base V8 was a 400 (6.5-liter) engine producing 335 horsepower. Additionally, a more fuel-efficient 2-barrel version was available, delivering 255 horsepower. The top-tier engine boasted an impressive 360 horsepower. However, the Tri-Power engine configuration, celebrated in earlier GTO models, was no longer offered during the 1967 production year.

The potential restoration of this hidden gem raises both excitement and challenges. With its obscured history and unclear condition, evaluating the feasibility of restoring this 1967 Pontiac GTO becomes an intriguing endeavor. The allure of breathing new life into a classic car drives the pursuit, but it is essential to approach this project with meticulous planning and expert guidance.

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