1966 Ford Mustang: A Rare Gem with Remarkable History

The 1966 Ford Mustang holds a special place among collectors, particularly those who value comprehensive documentation and a rich heritage. In a remarkable find, a stunning pony car has recently emerged in the classifieds, capturing the attention of enthusiasts. What sets this particular Mustang apart is its impeccable lineage, having been cherished by the same family for an impressive 57 years.

A crucial piece of evidence validating its remarkable history is the intact window sticker, proudly displaying the original delivery destination—Dukes Ford in Raleigh, Mississippi. This classic beauty rolled off the assembly line in Dearborn, Michigan, clad in the elegant Antique Bronze color. Its original retail price of $3,266.95, which included an $85 transportation charge, reflected its superb craftsmanship. Equipped with state-of-the-art features for its time, including cruise control, air conditioning, an AM radio, deluxe seat belts, a tinted windshield, and special handling equipment, this Mustang left an indelible impression.

Accompanying this automotive treasure is a meticulously documented photo album, chronicling the meticulous body-off restoration process. The painstaking overhaul was entrusted to the renowned CFI Classic Cars in Woodstock, Georgia, back in 2010. The restoration not only involved a change in color but also incorporated several upgrades.

Notably, the Mustang received a stunning set of polished aluminum 17-inch wheels, complementing its timeless appeal. The interior was adorned with sleek black vinyl upholstery, further enhancing its luxurious aura. A custom center console, complete with two cup holders, added a touch of modern convenience while seamlessly blending with the classic design.

Among the assortment of documents that come with this exceptional Mustang, one particular item stands out—a receipt from March 15, 1966, validating the payment of a “road and bridge privilege tax” amounting to $27.14 to the state of Mississippi. It’s a testament to the car’s enduring presence in the region, which likely inspired the body shop to reimagine its color scheme to align with Mississippi’s vibrant heritage.

The attention to detail during the rebuild was not limited to aesthetics but extended to the drivetrain as well. Beneath the Mustang’s sleek exterior lies a rebuilt 302cid V8 engine, expertly paired with a floor-shifted automatic transmission. Mechanical enhancements include an Edelbrock intake manifold and four-barrel carburetor, which contribute to its exhilarating performance. The addition of a nine-inch differential and four-wheel power disc brakes ensures a confident and controlled driving experience.

From its captivating blue hue to the tasteful wheel upgrade, every aspect of this early Mustang has been carefully considered. The extensive documentation accompanying the car adds an invaluable layer of authenticity and charm. Whether you’re an avid enthusiast or a dedicated collector, this remarkable piece of automotive history satisfies a multitude of desires. Its timeless appeal, paired with its remarkable heritage, ensures that this 1966 Ford Mustang stands as an unparalleled gem in the realm of classic cars.

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