1965 Ford Mustang in Barn Emerges After 28 Years of Storage with an Irresistible Look

When one hears of a car spending nearly three decades tucked away in storage, thoughts of rust and deterioration often come to mind. After all, extended periods of neglect can reduce even the most beloved classics to mere shells of their former glory, plagued by corrosion and requiring extensive restoration efforts.

However, this particular 1965 Ford Mustang defies expectations.

Despite spending a remarkable 28 years under a protective cover in a garage, this Mustang has emerged in a truly astonishing condition. It proudly showcases its original sheet metal, glass, and chrome, having never undergone any significant metalwork. What you see in the accompanying photos is precisely the Mustang that rolled off the assembly line 58 years ago.

Notably, the vehicle has received a professional respray approximately 40 years ago, as explained by the eBay seller rlberry6697. The decision to refresh the paint was prompted by the fading of the original coat, ensuring that this remarkable car retained its cool factor. Upon closer inspection, the new paint has held up admirably well, suggesting that a respray may not be an immediate requirement. However, a firsthand evaluation during an in-person viewing would provide a more accurate assessment of the paint’s condition.

According to the VIN code, this Mustang was originally designated as a C-code model, featuring a 289-cubic-inch (4.7-liter) V8 engine delivering 200 horsepower. Serving as the base V8 option for the model year, it replaced the earlier 260-cubic-inch (4.3-liter) engine found in the 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang. While the 4-barrel version of the engine produced a more robust 225 horsepower and 305 lb-ft (414 Nm) of torque, the present powerplant has only required minor repairs. Thanks to the installation of a new gas tank, carburetor, and filters, it now operates and performs like a brand-new engine. While its roadworthiness is not explicitly confirmed, any necessary improvements are expected to be minimal.

Considering its overall condition, which has remained largely original (excluding the paint), the selling price appears fair. If you wish to witness the splendor of this Mustang firsthand, time is of the essence, as it is currently available through a no-reserve auction, located in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Prepare to be captivated by the enduring charm and unexpected preservation of this 1965 Ford Mustang, a remarkable classic that has defied the passage of time.

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