1965 Chevrolet Impala SS: A Remarkable Survivor in Surprising Condition

In the vibrant year of 1965, Chevrolet witnessed an astonishing market performance that surpassed all expectations. The already popular Impala soared to unprecedented heights, becoming the first car in the United States to sell over 1 million units in a single year since World War II. Chevrolet’s strategic decisions in the early half of the decade had paid off brilliantly.

The success of the Impala can be attributed to its constant redesigns and an extensive array of engine options, enabling it to appeal to a diverse range of customers. Naturally, the continuous growth in annual sales was a direct result of this broad appeal.

What distinguishes this particular Impala is not only its model year but also the coveted SS tags, making it even more enticing for those seeking a high-performance vehicle.

However, it is evident that this Impala SS is in need of a complete restoration, as the overall condition of the body shows signs of long-term storage. Rust has made its presence known in certain areas, yet surprisingly, the typical vulnerable spots like the floors and trunk appear to be structurally sound.

Under the hood rests a 283 cubic-inch (4.7-liter) V8 engine, which, remarkably, still starts and runs. However, it is strongly advised to conduct an in-person inspection, as the eBay seller, wo*q6d, has not provided detailed information regarding the car’s completeness and originality.

Several new parts, including a water pump, have already been installed. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that the Impala SS is not roadworthy just yet.

The auction for this remarkable piece of automotive history is currently underway, with the highest bid approaching $4,000. However, considering the presence of a reserve, the Internet community must strive to surpass this figure before the Impala SS finds its new home. The digital battle is expected to conclude in just over seven days.

Owning and restoring this 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS is an opportunity to preserve a true survivor. Despite its current state, it carries the allure of a bygone era, ready to be revitalized and brought back to its former glory.

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