1964 Chevrolet Impala Barn Find and Little Surprises in the Trunk

Chevrolet’s plans for an all-new generation Impala were underway, but that didn’t mean they overlooked the significance of the 1964 model year.

Although the 1964 Impala didn’t undergo any major changes, it did receive some notable styling enhancements. One of the most prominent updates was the makeover of the taillights’ aluminum trim, adding a touch of elegance to the design.

The engine lineup for the 1964 Impala brought some exciting news. The highly sought-after 409 big-block engine made a triumphant return, offering three different power outputs: 340, 400, and 425 horsepower. Meanwhile, the rest of the engine options remained unchanged for this model year.

The most popular choice for the 1964 Impala was still the base V8 unit, a 283 with 195 horsepower.

However, in the case of this particular Impala, the 283 V8 engine hides in an unconventional location. Instead of resting under the hood, it has found its place in the trunk. The eBay seller, mismay-39, suggests that the previous owner may have started a restoration project but failed to complete it.

Although it’s evident that this 1964 Impala has experienced some rough times, the car’s overall condition is surprisingly good. Despite its extended period of storage, the original GM steel body remains remarkably intact.

While the engine is still complete, other details about the car are yet to be discovered. It’s unclear whether the V8 engine was operational before it was moved to the trunk, or if the previous owner had rebuilt it but never had the opportunity to install it in the Impala.

This 1964 Impala possesses the rare combination of qualities that make it an ideal candidate for restoration. However, it’s important to note that significant work will be necessary to bring it back to its former glory. Prospective buyers should reach out to the seller for additional information, as the provided images alone are insufficient to determine the car’s complete originality or identify any missing major components. A comprehensive in-person inspection will provide a clearer understanding of the car’s condition.

Currently parked in Montana, interested buyers can contact the seller for more details and arrange an in-person viewing. It’s essential to be aware that due to its condition, the vehicle will require towing if a purchase is made.

The seller has set the asking price at $5,000, although it’s unlikely that the car will sell for that amount. Given its rough state and the extensive restoration work it demands, it’s reasonable to expect the vehicle to fetch around $3,000. The Make Offer option is available, allowing potential buyers to present alternative offers and negotiate with the seller.


1. Can I still find the original 409 engine for this 1964 Chevrolet Impala? While the original 409 engine is not included with the car, it can potentially be sourced separately for restoration purposes.

2. Are there any additional photos available to assess the car’s condition more accurately? To obtain a comprehensive understanding of the car’s condition, it is recommended to contact the seller directly for any additional photos or arrange an in-person inspection.

3. Does the car come with any documentation or service records? The availability of documentation or service records can only be confirmed by contacting the seller for further information.

4. Can the 1964 Chevrolet Impala be driven in its current condition? Due to its state and the necessary restoration work, the vehicle will require towing and cannot be driven without appropriate repairs.


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