1962 Chevy Impala SS Parked Since 1996 Looks Almost Perfect. I Think 9/10

The 1962 Impala SS played a crucial role in the success story of the Impala nameplate. It laid the foundation for the record-breaking sales the brand achieved in 1965. While the model didn’t undergo significant design changes, Chevrolet focused on refining the vehicle to enhance its appeal to customers.

Engine Enhancements: Power and Performance

The engine department witnessed notable changes during this period. Chevrolet bid farewell to the renowned 348 (5.7-liter) engine, making room for more powerful alternatives. The Impala SS, though available with various engine options, introduced the formidable 409. This iconic engine came in two distinct configurations, providing enthusiasts with the power they craved.

The first option was a single four-barrel carburetor, delivering 380 horsepower. Marketed as the more affordable alternative, it catered to those seeking a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, the second option featured a mighty 409-horsepower engine, equipped with two four-barrel carburetors. This powertrain combination offered unparalleled performance for the true speed aficionados.

The Impala SS: Preserved Elegance with a Modern Touch

In the accompanying images, you can feast your eyes on a stunning example of the Impala SS from 1962. While the vehicle has received certain aftermarket upgrades over the years, its essential beauty and heritage remain intact. Finding a well-preserved Impala SS like this has become increasingly challenging, making it a rare gem for collectors and enthusiasts.

This particular Impala SS has been kept in storage since 1996. Recently, it became available for auction following an estate sale, offering a unique opportunity for discerning buyers to own a piece of automotive history. Currently listed on eBay, this immaculate classic seeks a new owner who will appreciate its timeless charm.

Beauty with a Few Blemishes

Upon closer inspection, a few imperfections become noticeable, showcasing the car’s age and history. The paint, for instance, shows signs of wear and tear after three decades, featuring scratches and dings that can easily be resolved by passionate Chevy fans.

While the exterior exhibits these minor flaws, the vehicle’s body remains entirely original, according to the seller mismay-39. The interior, on the other hand, appears to have undergone refurbishment at some point in its life. Despite this, it exudes an incredible aura, inviting enthusiasts to examine its details and discover the original elements that have been retained.

Performance and Pristine Condition

Rest assured, this Impala SS not only looks breathtaking but also performs exceptionally well. Given its overall condition, it comes as no surprise that the vehicle runs smoothly and effortlessly. However, it’s important to note that the seller believes the powertrain might not be original to the car. To ensure complete satisfaction, interested buyers are advised to thoroughly inspect the engine compartment and confirm the matching-numbers status.


The 1962 Chevy Impala SS stands as a testament to automotive excellence, embodying the spirit of a bygone era. Its timeless design, powerful engines, and historical significance make it a highly sought-after classic. Despite minor cosmetic imperfections, this meticulously preserved example promises an exceptional driving experience and a connection to a rich automotive heritage. Whether you’re a collector, an enthusiast, or simply an admirer of fine automobiles, the 1962 Impala SS is a true automotive treasure worth considering.

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