1960 Cadillac Series 62: Iconic Mid-Century Luxury and Style


The 1960 Cadillac Series 62 represents the epitome of mid-century executive style, characterized by its iconic tailfins, gleaming chrome accents, and opulent interior. This luxurious and spacious vehicle captures the essence of automotive extravagance that defined the era.

A Legacy from 1940-1964

The Cadillac Series 62 was produced from 1940 to 1964, with a brief hiatus during the mid-1940s due to the World War II civilian automobile production halt. The example at hand belongs to the sixth generation of the model, renowned for its towering tailfins and quad bullet-style taillights, which made their debut in 1959. The Series 62 possessed a distinct and unmistakable identity, making it an instantly recognizable symbol of luxury.

Distinctive Design and Body Styles

Built on the General Motors C-body platform, the Cadillac Series 62 was available in various body styles, including a two-door hardtop, a two-door convertible, a four-door six-window hardtop, and a four-door four-window hardtop. The 1960 model, showcased here, featured a slight refinement to its rear end design, with the taillights seamlessly integrated into the curvature of the fins.

Exterior Excellence and Attention to Detail

The exterior of this particular Series 62 showcases exceptional beauty and attention to detail. In the photos, the car exudes elegance, highlighted by the presence of wheel skirts in the rear, full-length body side moldings, and a set of wide whitewall tires. The visual impact is undeniable, and the car’s substantial size is evident; with an overall length of 225 inches, it stands comparable to a 2023 Chevrolet Suburban.

Luxurious Interior and Comfortable Seating

Stepping inside the Cadillac Series 62, you are greeted by a spacious “Persian Sand” interior. Dual bench seating accommodates six occupants comfortably, providing ample room for everyone. The interior boasts a range of features, including power windows, a defroster, and a clock, adding to the overall convenience and luxury of the driving experience.

Powerful Performance and Smooth Transmission

A vehicle of this size requires substantial power to deliver a spirited performance, and the 1960 Cadillac Series 62 doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with a robust 390cid (6.4-liter) V8 engine, it produces an impressive 325 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. The rear wheels are propelled by a column-shifted four-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission, ensuring smooth and effortless gear shifts.


The 1960 Cadillac Series 62 is an iconic representation of mid-century luxury and style. Its distinctive design, lavish interior, and powerful performance make it a standout among its peers. Owning a piece of automotive history like the Series 62 allows you to immerse yourself in the elegance and grandeur of a bygone era. Embrace the allure of this timeless classic and indulge in the sheer opulence and sophistication that it offers.

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