1958 Chrysler 300D Hardtop: Dazzling Luxury

As part of the prestigious “Letter Series” by Chrysler, this vehicle epitomizes personal luxury and timeless elegance. With a stunning white and pearlescent highlight repaint, this car is a true gem that demands attention. Let’s explore the details and unique characteristics that make the 1958 Chrysler 300D Hardtop a remarkable classic.

The Chrysler Letter Series Legacy

The Chrysler Letter Series began its journey in 1955 with the introduction of the 300A, which set the stage for subsequent models like the 300B, 300C, and 300D. This naming convention continued until the letter L in 1965, capturing the imagination of automotive enthusiasts. Although the series briefly resurfaced in 1999 with the 300M, it didn’t endure for long.

Immaculate Condition and Upgrades

According to the listing, this particular 300D has been meticulously maintained. Always garaged, it remains rust-free and undergoes weekly care. The current owner has cherished this vehicle since 2014 and made notable enhancements to the interior, including a new dash and headliner. Additionally, the wheel covers have been refinished, and the wide whitewall tires are recent additions. It is worth noting that this car was originally equipped with a Cool Air A/C system and an Electro-Touch AM radio, although both are currently non-functional.

Exquisite Design and Limited Production

In 1958, Chrysler produced a total of 809 300D units, comprising 618 hardtops like the one being offered and 191 convertibles. The captivating design language of the 300D emerged from the creative vision of Virgil Exner, Chrysler’s Chief Engineer. With a remarkable career that began at General Motors overseeing Pontiac styling, Exner joined Chrysler’s Advanced Styling Group in 1949. His influence on the 300D’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable, and it continues to captivate car enthusiasts today.

Powerful Performance and Engineering

Under the hood of the 1958 Chrysler 300D Hardtop resides a robust FirePower 392cid V8 engine. Equipped with dual four-barrel carburetors, this powerhouse delivers impressive performance. The engine is paired with a push-button TorqueFlite A488 three-speed automatic transmission, ensuring smooth and effortless gear changes. The seller assures prospective buyers that the motor has been finely tuned and runs exceptionally well. Although the odometer reads 22,055, its originality remains unverified. Nonetheless, this car exhibits remarkable preservation and presents itself as a testament to its timeless design.

The Future of the Letter Series

Given the rich history and success of the Chrysler Letter Series, one can’t help but wonder if Stellantis, the parent company of Chrysler, should consider reviving this iconic line. With M as the last letter used, there are still 13 letters remaining in the alphabet, presenting an exciting opportunity. Perhaps Stellantis could embark on a journey to complete the series, starting in 2025 and culminating in model year 2037. Such a revival would undoubtedly captivate enthusiasts and celebrate the heritage of the Chrysler brand.


The 1958 Chrysler 300D Hardtop is an exceptional classic car that continues to amaze with its timeless design, powerful performance, and rich history. This article has provided insights into its unique features, the legacy of the Chrysler Letter Series, and the potential for future revival. Whether you are an avid collector or simply appreciate automotive craftsmanship, the 300D represents an opportunity to own a piece of automotive history.

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